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Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church
26400 Gading Road
Hayward, California  94544                          Map

Telephone:                  510.782.3422
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Office Hours:             CLOSED (call or send email to leave a message)
Facebook:                   Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church

Pastor:                            (position open)     
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Head Elder (Interim):      Dr. Kevin Thio
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Head Deacon
:                   Melota Toma, 510.776.8686
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Head Deaconess:               Kate Edwards, 510.326.3414
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Other Church Leaders
Church Secretary:  (position open)        (
Church Treasurer: Ernesto An (
Head of Adventist Community Services: Esther De Castro
Head of Personal Ministries: Doug Abbott
Head of Security: Melota Toma
Men's Ministry: Dal Atwal
Women's Ministry: (position open)

Sabbath School Superintendent: Margarita (Maggie) Abbott
Bayside School Board Chairman: Dr. Kevin Thio

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