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Sermon Text 2012

Text from Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church Sermons
File Date Title
12/29/2012 A New Year's Choice Download
12/22/2012 The Most Joyous Period in World History Download
12/08/2012 Love All Loves Excelling Download
12/01/2012 Sinless Lliving in Sinful Flesh Download
11/28/2012 Sinless Living: Possible or Not? Download
11/24/2012 Thanksgiving for the Gospel Download
11/17/2012 Jesus, The Friend of Teenagers Download
11/10/2012 Spiritualism Today Download
11/03/2012 Penalty Delayed or Death Abolished? Download
10/31/2012 The 1888 Message for the 1990's Download
10/27/2012 The Last Generation Download
10/24/2012 The Plan of Salvation Download
10/13/2012 Armageddon: Calvary Revisted Download
10/10/2012 Let Us Go Without the Camp Download
10/06/2012 Communion: Behold the Lamb of God Download
10/03/2012 God as Artist Download
09/29/2012 The Greatest Court Case in History: God on Trial Download
09/26/2012 Path to Christlike Love II Download
09/22/2012 Path to Christlike Love Download
09/19/2012 A Physician for the Cancer of Betrayal Download
09/15/2012 The Good Shepherd Download
09/12/2012 Looking Unto Jesus Download
09/08/2012 Calvary, the World's Crisis Download
09/05/2012 The Atonement in Its Wider Aspect Download
09/01/2012 Co-laborers with Christ Download
08/29/2012 Jesus, Your Already Best-Friend Download
08/25/2012 Adventists--A Spirit-led Movement Download
08/22/2012 God Intervenes in the Rebellion Download
08/18/2012 What Christ Has Given You Download
08/11/2012 What God Gives for Our Anger Download
08/04/2012 The Night I Missed Heaven Because of the Sunday Funnies! Download
07/28/2012 Just Say the Word! Download
07/21/2012 An Atmosphere of Grace Download
07/18/2012 Faith: Trying, Trusting or Something Better? Download
07/14/2012 What is Elijah Doing Now? Download
07/11/2012 The of God's Grace Download
07/07/2012 Communion: The Bible Teaching about Substitution Download
07/04/2012 Why the Delay? Download
06/30/2012 What Translation Means to God Download
06/23/2012 With Signs and Wonders Download
06/20/2012 How the Cross Casts Out Our Human Fear Download
06/16/2012 The Faith of Jesus Download
06/13/2012 Jesus' Third Lesson on the Meaning of the Cross Download
06/09/2012 The Good News of God's Promise Download
06/02/2012 How a Runaway Bride "Makes Herself Ready" for Her Husband Download
05/26/2012 How to Live by Faith in an UncertainTime Download
05/16/2012 Jesus' Second Lesson on the Meaning of the Cross Download
05/12/2012 Keeper of the Spring Download
05/09/2012 Jesus' First Lesson on the Meaning of the Cross Download
05/05/2012 Mary Magdalene and the Cross Download
05/02/2012 Why Search for the Cross Download
04/28/2012 Without a Doubt Download
04/25/2012 Evangelism and Witnessing as a Lifestlyle Download
04/14/2012 The Latter Rain and the 1888 Message Download
04/11/2012 Eating with the Dogs Download
04/07/2012 Communion: The Day when the Whole World was Resurrected Download
04/04/2012 You've Got to Learn to Believe Good News Download
03/24/2012 If God is Good, Why Suffering? Download
03/21/2012 Worrying about Your Eternal Future? Download
03/17/2012 Learning the Things of God Download
03/14/2012 Why We See the Nature of Christ As a Life or Death Issue Download
03/07/2012 Sanctifying the Lord in our Hearts Download
03/03/2012 Adopted in the Beloved Download
02/29/2012 The Backward Prayer Download
02/25/2012 Preparation for Christ's Coming Download
02/22/2012 The Bible and History Download
02/18/2012 The Atonement in High Definition Download
02/04/2012 Jesus Proposes "Be My Valentine" Download
02/01/2012 Is There a Self-propagating Gospel? Download
01/28/2012 The Good Shepherd Download
01/25/2012 ‘The Greatest Sorrow’ of Ellen White’s Life Download
01/21/2012 The Wrath of God Download
01/14/2012 Can the Lord Save "Old" People? Download