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Sermon Text 2013

Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church Sermon Text 2013
File Date Title
12/28/2013 Communion: Calvary the World's Crisis Download
12/21/2013 God's Little Sign Download
12/07/2013 Color Blind Download
11/30/2013 Our Jealous Husband Download
11/23/2013 Dumpster Diving for Luxuries Download
11/16/2013 The Oak in the Acorn Download
11/09/2013 When Less is More Download
11/02/2013 Armageddon -- Calvary Revisited Download
10/26/2013 A Happy Fellowship with Jesus' Stewardship Download
10/19/2013 How to Tell the Genuine Holy Spirit from the Counterfeit Download
10/12/2013 A Spirit-led Movement Download
10/05/2013 Christ's Way of Soul-winning Download
09/28/2013 Communion: Our "Latter Rain" Psychiatrist Download
09/21/2013 Who Holds Your Hand? Download
09/07/2013 Family Unity Download
08/31/2013 Why Doesn't God Do Something? Download
08/24/2013 Who Brought You into the World Download
08/17/2013 Millions of Babies Download
08/10/2013 The Sheep That Couldn't Find Its Way Home Download
08/03/2013 The Split Rock Download
07/27/2013 The Wreck That Was Converted Download
07/20/2013 The Little Boy Who Trampled Satan Underfoot Download
06/22/2013 What is God Doing Now? Download
06/15/2013 Self-Interpretation Download
06/08/2013 144,000 Davids Download
06/01/2013 10. First Things First (Haggai) Download
06/01/2013 Understanding God's Providence Download
05/25/2013 Fellowship with Christ Download
05/18/2013 Living in Sodom and Gomorrah Download
05/11/2013 How Our Every Battle in the Home Can Be Won Download
05/04/2013 Speaking th Truth in Love Download
04/27/2013 The Coming of Elijah Download
04/20/2013 Keys to Family Unity Download
04/13/2013 The Father's Act of Grace Download
04/06/2013 The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ Download
03/30/2013 Communion: The Day When the Whole World was Resurrected Download
03/23/2013 Christ's Way of Soul-winning Download
03/16/2013 The Last Generation Download
03/13/2013 How an Unhappy, Guilty Heart is Changed Download
03/02/2013 God's Indwelling Gift Download
02/23/2013 Investigating the Judgment Download
02/16/2013 Salvation for a Fated World Download
02/02/2013 The Advent Harvest Download
01/30/2013 An Atmosphere of Grace Download
01/26/2013 The New Birth and Conversion Download
01/23/2013 Why Does God Have to be Number One? Download
01/19/2013 The Vicar of Christ Download
01/16/2013 The Divine Obstetrician Download
01/12/2013 The Master's Call to Service Download
01/05/2013 Communion: Identification with Christ Download
01/02/2013 What Translation Means to God Download