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Sermon Text 2014

Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church Sermon Text
File Date Title
12/06/2014 Worth More Than Gold Download
09/06/2014 Why Good People Suffer Download
01/11/2014 When Christ Visits the Earth, What Will He Find? Download
10/11/2014 What Every Human Heart Wants Download
07/05/2014 Thoughts on Independence Day Download
04/05/2014 The Wrath of God Download
06/21/2014 The State of the Living Download
03/01/2014 The Master Craftsman Download
05/10/2014 The Greatest Mother of All Time Download
03/22/2014 The Gospel Feast Download
03/15/2014 The Good News is the Bad News is Wrong Download
09/20/2014 The Desires of Thine Heart Download
05/24/2014 Schooled With Christ Download
04/19/2014 Resurrection from "No Return" Download
04/12/2014 Rekindling the Fire Download
06/07/2014 Proclaiming the Sabbath More Fully Download
11/08/2014 Ou Beloved Dead Download
02/08/2014 Mary and the "144,000" Download
08/23/2014 Loose the Bands of Wickedness Download
08/30/2014 Jesus' Prescription for Depression Download
11/01/2014 Jesus' Crook Download
08/09/2014 Islam Rising Download
09/13/2014 In School with Christ Download
10/04/2014 How to Give with Nothing Download
05/17/2014 How the Story of Christ's Love Ends Download
02/15/2014 How an Unhappy, Guilty Heart is Changed Download
08/02/2014 Good News for the Tempted Download
02/01/2014 God's Promise to Families Download
02/22/2014 God's Love to the Rescue of a Lost World Download
04/26/2014 God's Adoption Agency Download
05/31/2014 Expensive Grace Download
06/14/2014 Elijah Turning Hearts Download
10/18/2014 Election Time Download
03/29/2014 Communion: The Grand Dimensions of the Cross Download
09/27/2014 Communion: A Sharing Elder Brother Download
06/28/2014 Communion with God Download
05/03/2014 Christian Warfare Download
11/15/2014 Buried Treasure Download
01/18/2014 A Sabbath to Remember Download
08/16/2014 A Man After God's Own Heart Download