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Sermon Text 2015

Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church Sermon Text
File Date Title
01/24/2015 What is Jesus Doing Now? Download
04/04/2015 Were You There? Download
07/18/2015 The Time of Trouble Download
06/20/2015 The Son of David Download
10/03/2015 The School of Christ Download
04/18/2015 The Saviour Needs You Download
05/30/2015 The Return of the Lamb Download
11/14/2015 The Oak in the Acorn Download
07/25/2015 The Last Generation Download
02/21/2015 The DNA of Christ's Body Download
02/14/2015 The Agape Church Download
05/23/2015 The Abolition of Death Download
12/05/2015 Seeing Jesus through Muslim Eyes Download
06/27/2015 Prescription for Explosive Emotion Download
08/22/2015 Predestined to be Saved Download
05/09/2015 Our Mothers Download
09/12/2015 Our Latter Rain Psychiatrist Download
11/07/2015 Our Jealous Husband Download
11/28/2015 Jesus' Thanksgiving Download
06/13/2015 Jesus Teaching Humility Download
08/15/2015 Is Worry Worrying You? Download
01/10/2015 Is It Easy to Be Saved and Hard to Be Lost? Download
08/29/2015 How to Tell the Genuine Holly Spirit from the Counterfeit Download
10/31/2015 How the Enemy Stole Our Faith Download
01/31/2015 How and When will Satan Die? Download
01/03/2015 Heaven-sent Revival Extra Material Download
11/21/2015 Health and Prosperity Download
12/19/2015 Good Tidings Download
12/26/2015 God's Little Sign Download
05/02/2015 God on Trial Download
04/25/2015 Fellowship with Christ in His Sufferings Download
10/24/2015 Dumpster Diving for Luxeries Download
06/06/2015 Crucified with Christ Download
09/26/2015 Communion: Why Search for the Cross Download
10/10/2015 Color Blind Download
09/19/2015 Can the Gospel Cure Our Addictions? Download
08/01/2015 Buried Treasure Download
04/11/2015 Armageddon Download
09/05/2015 A Spirit-led Movement Download