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Simply go to and search for "Hayward SDA Media".  With the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic, we are beginning to upload YouTube sermons and messages again.

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April 11, 2020: Easter - Jesus Has Done the Heavy Lifting for Us
April 04, 2020: Revelation II - God's Two Faithful Witnesses
March 28, 2020:
Revelation 1 - Seven Trumpets of Revelation

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  • Search on YouTube for specific sermons by typing in the sermon title plus the word "penno" for Paul Penno's sermons.  (Sermon titles can be found here on our website in the left panel under Sermon Text 2016 or Sermon Text 2015)
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2010 Sermons: August
Pastor Paul Penno August 14 2010

2009 Sermons: December

"the 11th Commandment-The Best of Agape" Dr. Eng Saw December 5 2009

"Can Christ have a Happy Christmas?" Pastor Paul Penno December 12 2009

"Bayside School Christmas Program" Bayside Christian School December 19 2009

2009 Sermons: November

"Why We See the Nature of Chirst as a Life or Death Issue" Pastor Paul Penno November 7 2009

"Is There Unknown Sin in Converted People?" Pastor Paul Penno November 14 2009

"Don't Give Up On The Church" Pastor Paul Penno November 21 2009

"The Backward Prayer" Pastor Paul Penno November 28 2009