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Bible Study Notes 
Bible study notes from the Saturday afternoon "Holy Jeet Kune Do" group are available online.  Click on the "Bible Study Notes" button on our Main Menu.

Sabbath School Today
Visit the Sabbath School Today blog ‘With the 1888 Message Dynamic’.  The blog was created out of a need to clearly present the power and truth of the 1888 message using the weekly Sabbath School Lesson outlines.  Our previous pastor Paul Penno Jr. was a frequent contributor. 
Click on the "Sabbath School Today" button on the Main Menu to visit the blog.

Sermon Videos
Selected sermon and Sabbath School class videos are now available from our website.  Click on the "Sermon Videos" button on the Main Menu to see a list of our sermon videos.

Sermon Podcasts
The sermons from the Hayward Adventist Church are also available as podcasts, which you can listen to online or play in your iTunes player.  You can subscribe to them via RSS feed as well.

Click on the "Sermon Podcasts" button on the Main Menu.

Sermon Text
The sermon text or outline is usually available, sometimes in two formats:
     1) .pdf files: You will need Adobe Reader to view these files
     2) Microsoft Word "Book fold" .doc files: You will need Microsoft Word to view these version 2003 files.

Sermon Series
Many sermons are part of a series.  To find the podcasts in a series, use our website "Search" with the Search Keywords below (until the new "sort" feature is available.)

Series Name Year Keyword Search
1888 Message Multiple 1888
Apostle Paul, the Clearest Gospel of All 2008 Apostle Paul
Calvary at Sinai 2008 Sinai
Communion Services Multiple Communion
Conversations with Jesus 2007 Conversations
Defusing Fear in the Time of Trouble 2009 Fear
Ephesians 2010 Epheisians
Facing End-time Events without Fear 2010 Endtime 
Gospel in Daniel 2008 Daniel
Gospel in Ezekiel 2008 Ezekiel
Gospel in Revelation 2007 Revelation
Gospel in Zechariah 2008 Zechariah
Great Teachings of the Bible 2009 Great Teachings
Life and Teachings of Jesus 2008 Teachings
Prophecy Revealed Seminiar 2009 Prophecy Revealed
Ten Commandments, Another View 2008 10 Commandments
Throne of David 2007 David
What is the Elijah Message? 2009 Elijah


Coming Soon:
 A "Sort" feature for our media files.

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