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Sermon Text 2011

Text from the Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church Sermons
File Date Title
01/01/2011 Communion: Fellowship with God Download
01/05/2011 God Intervenes in the Rebellion Download
01/08/2011 Calvary-The Way to Revival and Reformation Download
01/12/2011 The Root of Fear Has Been Pulled Up Download
01/15/2011 Pentecost—A Self-Propagating Gospel Download
01/19/2011 Faith--Trying, Trusting, or Something Better? Download
01/22/2011 An Atmosphere of Grace Download
01/26/2011 Esau-A Birthright Despised Download
01/29/2011 Wrestling with God Download
02/02/2011 The Spirit of Prophcey Download
02/05/2011 The Miracle of Love or Evolution? Download
02/09/2011 The Story of a Message of Phenominal Power Download
02/16/2011 Why the Delay? Download
02/19/2011 Speaking the Truth in Love Download
02/23/2011 Adventist Apostasy Download
02/26/2011 The Shaking Download
03/02/2011 1888: When Heaven Caught Us Unprepared Download
03/05/2011 Baptism in Christ Download
03/09/2011 Angels Download
03/16/2011 A Remedy for Unconcious Sin Download
03/19/2011 The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan Download
03/23/2011 Elijah and Heart-Turning Download
03/26/2011 The True Church Download
03/30/2011 The 144,000 Download
04/02/2011 Communion: Jesus and the Broken-hearted Download
04/06/2011 How to Survive Armageddon Download
04/09/2011 The Divine Obstetrician Download
04/13/2011 Jesus and the Broken-Hearted Download
04/16/2011 Adventists--A Spirit-led Movement Download
04/20/2011 Questions about the 1888 Message Download
04/23/2011 The Day When the Whole World Was Resurrected Download
04/27/2011 Questions about the 1888 Message Download
04/30/2011 The Seal of God Download
05/04/2011 The Coming of Elijah Download
05/07/2011 The Greatest Mother of All Time Download
05/11/2011 Righteousness by Faith and the Cleansing of the Sanctuary Download
05/14/2011 Looking unto Jesus Download
05/18/2011 God's Patience and Impatience Download
05/21/2011 The Blotting Out of Sin Download
05/28/2011 Privilege to "Glory" in the Cross Download
06/04/2011 What God Gives for Our Anger Download
06/08/2011 Learning from Our History Download
06/11/2011 A Physician for the Cancer of Betrayal Download
06/18/2011 The Gospel at Midnight Download
06/22/2011 The Divine Obstetrician Download
06/25/2011 Communion: Himself He Cannot Save Download
06/29/2011 Righteousness and Holiness Download
07/02/2011 The Wise Man's Folly Download
07/06/2011 The Powerful Good News of the New Covenant Download
07/09/2011 Worrying about Your Eternal Future Download
07/16/2011 Hope for Born-losers Download
07/23/2011 Wanted: 144,000 Davids Download
07/30/2011 The Great Controversy Download
08/03/2011 History of 1888 Download
08/06/2011 Speaking the Truth in Love Download
08/13/2011 When Christ Visits the Earth, What Will He Find? Download
08/20/2011 Ultimate Evangelism - A Well of Living Water Download
08/27/2011 The Powerful Good News of the New Covenant Download
09/03/2011 Co-laborers with Christ Download
09/10/2011 The Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God Download
09/14/2011 A Summary of the History and Content of the 1888 Message Download
09/17/2011 Crucifying the Son of God Afresh Download
09/21/2011 The Nearness of Your Saviour Download
09/24/2011 Communion: The Faith of Jesus Download
10/01/2011 The Word that Turned the World Upside Down Download
10/01/2011 Afraid to Be Alone Download
10/05/2011 Jesus, the Friend of Sinners Download
10/08/2011 Jesus, the Teenager's Friend Download
10/12/2011 A Remedy for Unconscious Download
10/15/2011 Jesus, Your Friend at Court Download
10/19/2011 Good News Download
10/22/2011 Jesus, Your Already-Best Friend Download
10/26/2011 Why Doesn't God Do Something? Download
10/29/2011 The Society of Unanswered Pray-ers Download
11/02/2011 Is the Dragon Smart Enough to Counterfeit the 1888 Message? Download
11/05/2011 Why It's So Hard to Fight Against God Download
11/09/2011 The Prayer of Moses Download
11/12/2011 Why Doesn't God Do Something? Download
11/16/2011 Why Does God Permit Termptation? Download
11/23/2011 The Benefit of Thanksgiving Download
11/26/2011 What Does Jesus Need? Download
12/03/2011 What It Means to Follow Jesus Christ Download
12/07/2011 Hope for Born Losers Download
12/10/2011 Good Tidings of Great Joy Download
12/21/2011 The Shaking Download
12/24/2011 God's Government on a Baby's Shoulders Download