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  • Hello my name is Anthony, please pray for the salvation of me and my family. I have been a believer in Jesus Christ for many years and after searching the Scriptures whole heartedly, I realize that I did not adhere to the true teachings; and I am wrestling with my soul and long to have God’s mercy. I have been having this overwhelming feeling that something is about to happen, and I know that there might not be much time left. I have been reading the Bible never as diligently as I have been; and after realizing God’s requirements for us to live, I realize I have trusted man’s word where I should have searched the scriptures and would have seen the misinterpretations. This has led me to search for a church that I see following God’s instructions, and here I am tonight. I hope and look forward to attending service on Wednesday for the first time. Please pray for all of those who I believe are waking up to see the truth. Thank you.
    Anthony Lopez - Dec 31 2018