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Sermon Text 2018

Text from the sermons at the Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church in Hayward, CA.
File Date Title
08/18/2018 Israel II - With God All Things are Possible Download
08/11/2018 Israel I: A Really Horrible Dream! Download
07/28/2018 Manaen, Unsung Hero of Faith Download
06/30/2018 Shipwrecked Download
06/23/2018 Jesus and the Wedding Feast Download
06/16/2018 Meditations on the Work of the Holy Spirit Download
06/02/2018 "Come and See", Part II Download
05/26/2018 Jesus Said, "Come and See" Download
05/19/2018 He is God's Beloved. Is He Yours? Download
05/05/2018 What are Those Rocks, Part II Download
04/21/2018 Messages from the Cross Download
04/14/2018 Wist Ye Not That I Must Be About Download
04/07/2018 Jesus's Victory in Revelation 22 Download
03/31/2018 Christ's Suffering and Death Download
03/24/2018 Jesus Our Propitation Download
03/10/2018 Jesus Our Ransom Download
03/03/2018 Taste It for Yourself Download
02/24/2018 The Beauty of Holiness Download
01/13/2018 New Life in Christ Download