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Sermon Text 2019

Text, notes, or slide shows of Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church sermons.
File Date Title
12/07/2019 The Apocalypse VII Download
11/16/2019 The Apocalypse VI Download
11/09/2019 The Apocalypse V Download
11/02/2019 The Apocalypse IV Download
10/26/2019 The Apocalypse III Download
10/19/2019 The Apocalypse II Download
10/12/2019 The Apocalypse I Download
10/05/2019 Communion Meditation: Psalm 22 Download
09/28/2019 The Lord Reveals His Secrets II Download
09/14/2019 Life in the Spirit, VI Download
09/07/2019 Life in the Spirit, V Download
08/31/2019 Life in the Spirit IV Download
08/24/2019 Life in the Spirit III Download
08/03/2019 Real Food from Jesus Download
07/27/2019 Life in the Spirit, I Download
07/06/2019 Wally from Wallyworld and All the Wally-Wanna-Be's Download
06/29/2019 Communion Meditation: Redeemed Download
06/24/2019 When Life is Uncertain, God is Good! Download
06/15/2019 The Assembly of Christ, Part VII Download
06/08/2019 The Assembly of Christ, Part VI Download
06/01/2019 The Assembly of Christ, Part V Download
05/25/2019 The Assembly of Christ, Part IV Download
05/11/2019 The Assembly of Christ, Part II Download
05/04/2019 The Assembly of Christ, Part I Download
04/20/2019 Crucified and Risen with Jesus Download
04/13/2019 Ultlimate Power - Ultimate Purpose Download
03/30/2019 Communion Meditation Download
03/16/2019 The Invitation, Part III Download
03/09/2019 The Invitation, Part II Download
03/02/2019 The Invitation, Part I Download
02/16/2019 The Judgement, Part IV Download
02/09/2019 The Judgement, Part III Download
04/19/2019 The Judgement, Part II Download
02/02/2019 The Judgement, Part I Download